Meet Team OAREX

Who We Are

OAREX is made up of a dynamic and diverse group of individuals with background in legal, finance, advertising and digital media. Here is our leadership, who combined have over 50+ years of finance and digital media.

Hanna Kassis

Founder & CEO

Bill Grathwohl

CFO & Chairman
taylor haddix oarex

Taylor Haddix


OAREX’s Core Principles

Clients first, always.

We have investors, lenders, employees and customers. The first three agree that the latter is the most important. Without our customers, we are nothing. And in finance, with a fungible product, how we treat our customers is a distinguishing factor. Just read our reviews.

A Sense of Urgency

A sense of urgency is our ante to play. We’ve built a tech driven on-boarding portal that can deliver you a term sheet in 10 minutes or less. The first funding typically occurs in 24-72 hours after signing a term sheet. Once you’re set-up, funds appear in your account within 15 minutes of requesting money.

Honesty & Transparency

OAREX operates at the crossroads of digital advertising and finance. But digital media and finance have a lot of bad actors. We pride ourselves on full disclosure, conspicuous notifications about product and service, and bringing industry-wide transparency to digital media payments.

Principal Preservation

We pride ourselves on being good stewards of money for our lenders and investors. While we are flexible and willing to go places no other financing firm will, we do have our limits and always maintain a mentality of principle preservation. We’d rather say “no” to a deal than unnecessarily risk our lenders’ money for a return.