Digital Media Payments: Getting Worse

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Source: Digiday We’ve heard it over and over: digital media payments are getting later and later. But how much later? Why? As a digital media factoring firm, we provide liquidity to digital media companies by buying their invoices. OAREX looked at its digital media payment history, and found some very…

Pay Terms: Why Net 60 is Really Net 75

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In digital media, most companies do business on net pay terms, getting paid by customers in 30-120 days. And that’s not by choice. The biggest “customers” in digital media are companies like Google, Rubicon Project, Apple, and other multi-national, global brands like Xandr or AOL. And because they’re so big,…

The Great Balancing Act of Raising Growth Capital

Raising capital isn’t easy. Especially for new industries like digital media and ad-tech. Entertaining options requires a huge balancing act between so many factors like impact on cash flow, speed, price, flexibility, product type and owner liability. In this article we examine the 6 factors that you should assess when…

How to Grow 8x Without Banks or VCS

There are many ways to fund your business. You can use your own cash or run up a tab on your credit card. Other options include VC money or going to a bank. The biggest difference between our funding and those other options is spending power. With us, you can…

5 Ways OAREX Can “De-Risk” Your Cash Flow

Long pay terms in digital media and ad tech make good cash flow hard to achieve. There are many ways to manage cash flow. But they all come with their risks. Loans and investors each have their own specific risks. Those risks do not come with OAREX funds. Instead, our…