Bring certainty to your digital media cash flows.

OAREX has partnered with Digiday to help mutual stakeholders accelerate cash flow.

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OAREX provides capital on demand to digital media, from publishers to agencies and everyone in between, by allowing them to sell invoices for upfront, risk-free capital.

10 Minute Term Sheets

Flexible Financing

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Get a Term Sheet in 10 minutes or less. After you accept the term sheet, link your programmatic ad partners to our dashboard and finalize the first sale of your invoices.

Access the capital you need whenever you want, in order to meet your capital needs. You can sell invoices and get funding daily, weekly, monthly or on your own schedule.

Waiting 30-120 days can crush your growth. And it's risky. Avoid cash flow gaps and start scaling new digital media opportunities, or simply gain peace of mind by managing cash flow.

Getting paid digital ad revenue during this crisis has never been faster.

Accelerate Payments

OAREX will accelerate your programmatic ad revenue in real-time. If you earned $10,000 today, you can access up to $9,000 in 24 hours.

Flexible & Convenient

Finance your earnings in real-time by selling your invoices to OAREX, on demand. Sell daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you want.

Risk-Free Financing

We take credit and collection risk, so if your demand partners don't pay us, that's our loss.

OAREX is not a lender and does not make loans. instead, we finance you by purchasing your invoices. Therefore we do not require a personal guarantee.

No personal guarantees

Bring certainty to your digital media cash flows.

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The OAREX platform is encrypted end-to-end with bank level security, so you can rest easy knowing you'll get paid quickly and securely.

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