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Digital Media Invoice Factoring

Bring certainty to your cash flow.

Digital ad revenue paid on-demand.

Factoring lines up to


Get advanced up to


Monthly fee as low as


Fast and flexible digital media invoice factoring.

Unlock cash flow and scale your growth with instant liquidity.

Bring certainty to cash flow.

Pay terms in digital media are usually net 60+, and oftentimes your demand partners will pay you late. With digital media receivables financing you can bring certainty to your cash flow.

Access capital on-demand.

Get paid your ad revenues up front, instead of having cash tied up in digital media receivables. Access capital daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you want.

Preserve your equity.

OAREX does not take equity in your business and we do not tell you how to run your business. Preserve more of the pie and focus more on growth with our simple solution.

Debt-free financing.

Unlike lenders, OAREX takes collection risk. If you’re customers don’t pay us, that’s our problem. Avoid the lender-borrower dynamic with OAREX as a partner.

Fast Funding

Our on-boarding process is fast, simple and convenient. You can apply in our OAREX portal and get a term sheet in under 10 minutes. Once set-up, you can get funded on-demand same day.

Flexible Terms

You can choose which invoices you want to sell, and how often. If you decide you don’t need funding, we do not charge you any sort of fees. Only pay for what you sell, as low as 1%.

Grow 8x

With our weekly funding, you can get paid every week. This means if you wait an average of 60 days to get paid, you can roll over the same $1 eight-times more often. Learn more about 8x growth.


If your customers don’t pay us, that’s our problem. We take financial and credit risk in your customers. The only risk we don’t take is customer dispute risk.

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