Information Technology Financing

Accelerate cash flow from IT jobs with infotech financing.

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Get paid on-demand for cloud & IT infrastructure jobs.

Factoring lines up to


Get advanced up to


Monthly fee as low as


Dynamic infotech financing.

Available for Azure, AWS & Oracle Resellers


Get paid for cloud-enabled or cloud-based work including setting up virtual routers, firewalls, and management software – whether public, private or a hybrid of the two.

Infotech (hard/soft)

If you’ve installed hardware, software and networking components for a Fortune 1000 company, we can accelerate the cash flow you’re waiting to get paid from completed infotech jobs.


If you’re overseeing projects for hardware or software development, network upgrades, cloud computing, data management, or business management, you get paid on demand.

Business Apps

Even if your role in IT solutions is limited to business application development and maintenance, OAREX will help you unlock cash flow tied up in your accounts receivable.

Fast Funding

Open an account today and get funded in 72 hours or less. Once you open an account, you will receive login credentials via email, where you can begin the application process and uploading invoices.

Flexible Terms

OAREX does not require that you sell or finance all of your existing accounts receivable. Sell what you want, when you want. Obtain information technology financing on-demand, on your terms.

New Business

With our flexible IT financing, you can take on new CSP jobs that require you to come up with the money upfront, like setting up an AWS Reserve Instance or Pre-Paid Azure.


OAREX takes the credit risk that your Fortune 1,000 customers don’t pay us. Don’t have Fortune 1,000 customers? No worries, we’re happy to take a look to see if there’s anything we can do.

Ready to scale with our Cloud & Infotech Financing?

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