Partner with OAREX

Get Paid Revenue Share. For life.

OAREX offers two partnerships – a referral partnership and an API integration. We have strengthened our ties in the industry. Here is an overview of our partnership programs.

Signed Referral Partners
Partner revenue share
Referral Fees Paid

Referral Partnership

Do you have access to publishers or digital media companies? Monetize your network with email introductions to OAREX and we’ll take it from there. If we close the deal, you’ll get paid 10% revenue share, for life.

Introduce the client to OAREX via email, [email protected]

API Integration

Do you report revenue internally? Or have a dashboard available for your publishers? Bring value to your publishers and finance team with our free Credit Data API integration.

Why integrate?

  • Access data on 440 digital media debtors.
  • Integrate completely free, up to 1,000 calls per day.
  • Make informed credit decisions about your demand partners and bring that value to your publishers.
  • Data includes OAREX’s Index Score, Entity Name, Annual Revenues, Number of Employees and Offices, and the type of Capitalization.

How It Works

  • Pull any of 3,080 data points into your portal
  • Display the data however you want, according to your UI
  • We track clicks with a 10-day cookie
  • You get paid 5-10% revenue share for life, so long as the tech integration is maintained.

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