Digital Business Type Funded

  • Publishers (Desktop)
  • Smart Phone Apps
  • Mobile SSPs
  • Publisher Networks
  • Ad Networks
  • YouTube Producers

We’ve funded a vast array companies with digital media receivables.

If you generate ad or affiliate receivables from major demand partners, you’re probably a fit for us, regardless of where you operate within the digital media ecosystem.

Clients have experienced explosive growth after we provided cash.

Shoring up funds is the single greatest contributor to a client’s growth. Sure, other things have a significant impact such as winning content promotion campaigns, but without the liquidity it doesn’t matter.

Monthly Ad Revenue Growth Comparison

  • OAREX Clients
  • Non OAREX Clients

What Clients Have Used Funds For

Content and App Promotion 77%
Paying Pubs / Supply Partners 49%
Equipment, Operations 27%
Acquisition or Emergency 9%
Site Launch / App Development 33%

It’s your business. Spend our cash however you want.

Clients understand it takes money to make money, so most of them have deployed capital into channels that will result in a return on the other side. However clients are free to use funds for whatever they want.

Why work with us?

Fast, no strings attached funding.

Safer Than Loans

We take the risk that your demand partners don’t pay, making our financing safer than small business loans and other debt products disguised as “alternative” financing.

Cheaper Than Investors

If you’re looking for short-term capital, selling equity is the costliest route to take. At a 3-5% rev share per month, our financing is way cheaper than investor money.

Faster Than Banks

Turn around time from application to funding is 2 business days, sometimes sooner. It depends on how fast you’re willing to work with us – we move as fast as you do.

More than digital media receivables financing.

Fund Marketing Campaigns

When you have a hot content marketing campaign that’s turning a profit, you want to plow as much money into it as soon as possible. With our funding, we provide you the liquidity to do that. For apps, this is known as “revenue recycling”.

Pay Your Pubs Sooner

Ad networks, exchanges, SSPs and DSPs operate in a competitive environment. With OAREX, they can accelerate payment from demand partners to pay pubs sooner, as a way to attract new business.

Only Work With The Best

We assess your demand partners’ credit which gives us insight into the poor credit, late paying ad networks out there. This allows you to adjust your monetization waterfall so you only work with the best.

A trusted and dedicated partner.

Dedicated Funding Rep

Every client has a dedicated media funding specialist that they can call, text or Skype with to discuss their growth strategies and financing needs. We know how important relationships are, so we’re here around the clock for clients.

Excellent Customer Service

If we can’t provide excellent customer service, there’s no point in being in business. Money is money, so the real value is in the fact that we truly understand media, advertising and finance, while servicing our client’s to death.

No Payment Delays

After we receive payment from your customers, we release pending rebates, minus our rev share, within 1 day. If we lockbox all invoices, we’ll release invoices we didn’t finance the same or next day. We understand how imperative this is for your cash flow.

The OAREX process is super simple.

1. Apply online – we’ll never check your personal FICO.

To get started, we’ll need an application requesting basic information about you, your business, proposed use of funds and your monetization waterfall. We never check your personal credit.

30-60 Second Application

2. Speak with a media funding specialist within 5 (five) minutes.

Upon receiving your application, a digital media financing specialist will reach out to you with an instant pre-approval or denial. Provided you qualify, we’ll then integrate into your ad dashboards to verify your receivables.

15-20 Minute Assessment

3. Firm up your offer and lock in your funding date.

Once your digital media receivables are verified and customers are approved, you can electronically sign all documents. Most major ad networks are already approved however there may be some additional underwriting involved.

1-2 Days of Underwriting

4. Get funded in as little as 24-48 hours. No bullshit.

As soon as underwriting is complete and documents are signed, we’ll fund you the same day. Moving forward, any time you want to obtain funding, we’ll advance 80-90% of your qualified ad receivables same day. We release the rebate of 10-20%, minus our rev share, 30 days after the receivables are paid to OAREX.

Rev Shares as low as 3-5% per month

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