Sick of waiting to get paid advertising dollars? We’ll pay ad revenue earned last week, today.

Funding Amount

$10K to $2M

 Annual Cost of Capital

4% – 14%

 No personal guarantee!

Risk Free

Low Cost of Capital

At 4-14% per year, our funding is cheaper than selling equity or alternative loans.


Our funding is safer than traditional loans because we assume your customers’ credit risk.

Fast, Simple, Smooth

Our process is faster, and our customer service is better, than traditional banks.

How much does OAREX charge?

Calculate your rate:

How much do you earn in monthly ad and/or marketplace revenue?

How much do you want advanced each week or month?

On average, how many days do you wait to get paid?


Use proceeds to finance your proven and successful content marketing campaigns.

App / Game Developers

Recycle your marketplace and ad revenue to scale user acquisition and downloads.

SSPs, DSPs, Ad Networks

Gain a competitive advantage by paying your supply side partners on better terms.

OAREX offers fast flexible funding

We’re fast, flexible and dedicated to your growthStop waiting to get paid and start scaling today.