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An Urgent Call for Brand Safety Guidelines in 2021 and Beyond

Industry News
The recent lockdowns have pushed various economic sectors to the edge. But online content consumption across major social and digital platforms are at an all-time high. Given that, it’s easy to assume that online advertisers are raking it in. Unfortunately, the pandemic seems to have had the opposite impact on…

5 Steps to Increase OTT Advertising Revenue

Until the late 90s, cable television was every American family’s obsession. Network television simply lacked the programs they wanted to see. You could only see good shows on pay television networks like HBO, MTV, Nickelodeon, and ESPN. Back then, many home viewers were so unsatisfied. Today, it’s simple to do…

Q4 CPMs Bottom Out, Bullish Trend Emerges

bullish cpms
Internally we’ve seen CPMs carve out a bottom ahead of the year’s biggest week for ad spend. According to eMarketer, an estimated $39B will be spent between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. The frenzy from Black Friday and Small Business Saturday spills over into Sunday too, culminating in peak spend by…

Advanced TV Advertising in a Post-Cookie World

Industry News
Online advertisers have relied on third-party cookies for over 30 years now. They use cookies to gain insights into their audience, to help them refine their targeting. This once irreplaceable technology is the lifeblood of internet marketing, and for good reason. But not for long, as the advanced TV advertising…

What is “Infotech” & its impact on digital media?

what is infotech
Daily life requires an underlying technology to keep things running smoothly. And it’s especially relevant to digital media. With the industry adapting to new mediums of advertising, one thing remains steady – the tubes and pipes it all transacts on. Every part of our lives depends on it. From using…

Technology Financing in the 21st Century

technology financing
According to Moore’s Law, computer processing speed doubles every 18 months. That’s exponential growth. As of 2020, there are nearly 50 billion smart devices collecting, analyzing and sharing data. Most save data in the cloud, and the number of ads served across these devices is infinite. Despite the technological advances,…

Scale Your Digital Media This Q4

With Q4 right around the corner, it’s time to grow. As you know, most ad spend happens in Q4. Especially this year, with so many ad budgets put on hold in the spring. You see, when brands quit spending in Q2, they stock piled ad dollars. But ad budgets are…