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Scale Your Digital Media This Q4

With Q4 right around the corner, it’s time to grow. As you know, most ad spend happens in Q4. Especially this year, with so many ad budgets put on hold in the spring. You see, when brands quit spending in Q2, they stock piled ad dollars. But ad budgets are…

TikTok Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which is Better?

Industry News, Media Buying
tiktok ads vs facebook ads feature
In a bold and ironic move, TikTok is advertising up to $2,000 in advertising credit on Instagram, to gain market share during Facebook’s vulnerability amid the Facebook boycott. When looking for new traffic sources, it’s important to find the right channel. The right channel means you have the right audience…

Does Google Listen to Me for Ads? Users Ask

App Development, Industry News
does google listen to me
If you’ve noticed recently there has been a boom in organic dog food companies. And the clever advertising that they’re deploying. I was having a conversation with a friend about it one night. Just a few hours later, I logged into Instagram to be hit with an ad for subscription…

OAREX Fees Cut to 0.99%, Set-up Costs Waived

Announcements, Company News
With the decline and volatility in CPMs since the COVID-19 fallout, we understand the need to become a gross profit hawk. And since our fees a part of a digital media firm’s gross profits, we are accommodating new and existing clients with lowered fees. In lock-step with the Federal Reserve…

Digital Media Payments: Getting Worse

CashFlow, Industry News
Source: Digiday We’ve heard it over and over: digital media payments are getting later and later. But how much later? Why? As a digital media factoring firm, we provide liquidity to digital media companies by buying their invoices. OAREX looked at its digital media payment history, and found some very…

OAREX Joins Digiday’s Publisher Partner Coalition

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digiday publisher coalition
Today we officially joined the Digiday Publisher Partner Coalition. The coalition, founded by our friends over at Duration Media, aims to help digital publishers who have businesses models that have been upended by the recent economic crisis. Here is how Digiday, also a publisher, describes it: At Digiday Media, part…

RTB Programmatic Pay Terms Extended

With the onset of Coronavirus, lots of digital media firms have had to shift the way they do business. But ad budgets, channels and creative aren’t the only thing affected by the crisis: RTB programmatic pay terms have been extended, and we anticipate more firms to announce new longer terms…