We sit at the crossroads where digital advertising and finance meet.

The Online Advertising Revenue Exchange

OAREX, the Online Advertising Revenue Exchange, is a place for digital media entrepreneurs to exchange receivables for immediate liquidity. Many online advertising companies – like publishers, media buyers, ad exchanges and agencies – often wait to get paid. Once they open an account with us, OAREX will pay their digital media and advertising revenue, on-demand in real-time. In a sense, we have become a spot cash market for digital media firms. We have a platform where they can exchange invoices for immediate capital, while maintaining their equity and avoiding debt. We are backed by Arena Investors, LP of New York City with a $50M line of credit.

OAREX History

Incorporated in Lincoln Park, Chicago. OAREX Capital Markets, Inc. is registered on May 31st as a C-corp in Delaware, and headquartered in Chicago, IL. It begins to offer long-tail publishers cash, in exchange for a fixed amount of future online ad revenues generated by their websites.