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Accelerate cash flow from over-the-top & connected TV channels.

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Get paid on-demand for OTT & CTV media placements.

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Fast, flexible OTT & CTV Financing

Growth capital to help you scale OTT/CTV media buys.

Over-The-Top Media Buys

Scale your media buys across streaming or on-demand channels by accelerating cash flow locked up in your accounts receivables.

Connected TV Ad Placements

If you’re placing media across connected or smart TVs, we can help you scale with access to capital on demand.

Traditional is Dead

As OTT and CTV advertisers continue to crush traditional TV, our OTT/CTV financing crushes traditional methods of financing these new age media buys.

Subscription Video On-Demand

Are you earning revenue from an SVoD partner? With our SVoD growth facility you can scale eyeball acquisition with accelerated SVoD revenue payments.

Fast Funding

We’ll finance you as quickly as you can serve an ad. OK, maybe not that fast, but we can have you set-up in 72 hours and then provide OTT CTV financing on-demand after that.

Flexible Terms

If you earn revenue from multiple brands and agencies, we can accelerate funds to your liking. Sell what you want, when you want and only pay for what you use.

Peace of Mind

With our flexible OTT CTV financing, you can scale your media buys without all the risk associated with using your own capital to pay for the upfront placements.


Unlike lenders, OAREX takes the risk that your customers don’t pay for credit reasons, like bankruptcy. Shift risk to us and grow without worry.

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