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Net -30 Pay Terms: Real-Time Ad Revenue

For some people, time is money, but the two aren’t equal. Time is far more valuable than money, especially for media companies in Q4. The market is so hot right now, that the cost of waiting and missing opportunity is too high, and reinvesting in growth is imperative. But waiting…

M&A Activity In Ad Tech Skyrocketing (Free Download)

M&A activity in ad tech and digital marketing is skyrocketing. Earlier this year, we heard of some big acquisitions like Vista Equity buying TripleLift, and WebMD’s acquisition of PulsePoint. This led us to dig in a little deeper on the broader M&A activity in the economy, and the numbers are…

Funding Your Online Advertising Business 101

online advertising business
Funding your online advertising business can be tricky, mainly because of delayed payment terms. Most ad businesses earn money from display ads, but don’t get paid for months. When you have to wait to get paid, it creates a bigger capital need. The longer you wait, the more money you…

$200,000+ Paid to OAREX Partners

oarex partners
OAREX Partners earn a residual income for life. This month, OAREX surpassed the $200,000 mark in total commissions paid to partners. Since late 2017, we’ve signed 40+ partners across digital media. OAREX partners get paid a percentage of our total fees, for life. They mostly include adops specialists, ad exchanges,…

Exploit ROAS With On-Demand Ad Revenue

Exploit is one of those words that can have a bad rep. One definition is to use a person in an unfair and selfish way (i.e. “hackers exploit vulnerabilities”). But the word exploit has it’s origins the Old French verb esploit, meaning “to accomplish, achieve, fulfill”. Modern day English defines…

Fuel Ad Campaigns with Future Media Revenue Payouts

Media buyers know better than anyone, hot ad campaigns are short lived. After you run optimization tests and find a winner, you’ll want as much money as possible to invest into that campaign. Eventually, profits will get squeezed, so the more money you put into it now, the more you’ll…