Get an OAREX Term Sheet in 10 Minutes or Less

OAREX sent a term sheet in 9 minutes; 4 minutes from the time the applicant’s info was approved.

CLEVELAND, OH – OAREX Capital Markets, a leader in digital media and advertising financing, has launched a new portal that enables them to send term sheets within minutes. Applicants fill out a quick application on and upload the necessary docs for approval. OAREX can fund up to $5M in as little as 72 hours.

Last week, OAREX sent a $100,000 term sheet to a digital publisher in 4 minutes.

Established, in 2013, OAREX finances digital media companies by purchasing their invoices. OAREX funds publishers, apps, ad exchanges, media buyers and agencies – anything digital advertising related.

Since 2017, OAREX has bootstrapped it’s technology and streamlined the entire onboarding and underwriting process. “We took our process of emails and attachments that we did for years, and digitized the entire production line,” said Hanna Kassis, Founder and CEO. “We’re not a ‘fintech company’, we’re a tech-enabled financial services firm.”

Kassis started the business while in law school in 2013. Since, they have raised $60M in debt from Wall Street, and have bootstrapped their technology. Most of the tech isn’t consumer interfacing yet, but it enables OAREX to move fast for clients. “We offer capital on demand. When customers need funds, boom. They get a wire in 15 minutes or less.” OAREX is able to do this by integrating with major ad exchange and SSPs, in order to verify earnings in real-time.

Although the company hasn’t raised any outside money, they are working toward their first venture capital raise this year. “We want to get ahead of the curve and double down for 2020 which is an election year,” Kassis said. OAREX is forecasting to fund $250 million in digital media financing next year.

Each quarter, they publish a digital media & advertising payments report, publicly releasing payment performance history on over 160 digital media debtors.