Exploit ROAS With On-Demand Ad Revenue

Cash Flow, Media Buying
Exploit is one of those words that can have a bad rep. One definition is to use a person in an unfair and selfish way (i.e. “hackers exploit vulnerabilities”). But the word exploit has it’s origins the Old French verb esploit, meaning “to accomplish, achieve, fulfill”. Modern day English defines…

Fuel Ad Campaigns with Future Media Revenue Payouts

Cash Flow, Media Buying
Media buyers know better than anyone, hot ad campaigns are short lived. After you run optimization tests and find a winner, you’ll want as much money as possible to invest into that campaign. Eventually, profits will get squeezed, so the more money you put into it now, the more you’ll…

Kickstart Media Buys With Flexible IO Financing

Cash Flow, Media Buying
io financing
Many advertisers transact through a business document called an Insertion Order (IO). Insertion Orders are basically a promise to pay, once something has been delivered (i.e. an ad campaign). It’s no different than a candy bar manufacturer receiving a purchase order from Walmart: deliver the goods, and Walmart promises the…

Accelerate Future Revenue Events: Which One Is For You?

Cash Flow
As a digital business, there are a few ways you can raise capital. The traditional route is to raise VC money. If your business is well established, you could raise bank debt. Other options include business credit cards, private investors, and government grants. OAREX offers a unique solution for digital…

The #1 Use Case for Future Revenue Financing: Marketing & Inventory

Cash Flow
future revenue financing
If you’re an online seller – selling anything from ad space to physical products – you can exchange your future digital revenue events for upfront capital. Future digital revenue events include digital payouts and digital sales. With the Future Digital Payouts product, online sellers receive capital from sales as they…

The Online Sellers Guide to eCommerce Funding

Cash Flow, eCommerce
online sellers oarex
On Cyber Monday 2020, US consumers spent nearly $11B dollars, according to Adobe. It’s been estimated that with lockdowns in 2020, eCommerce sales exceeded 10-year forecasts! And the growth will simply continue. With the vaccine rollout underway, and subscription retail on the rise, analysts expect a 14% growth rate in…

eCommerce Funding for Marketplace Sellers

Cash Flow, eCommerce
ecommerce funding
As the economy rebounds, eCommerce sales are expected to explode again. eMarketer is forecasting growth of another 14% in 2021, nearly $5 trillion! To put that into perspective, that’s about 1/4th of the total economic output by the United States. With the rise of the “new economy” in eCommerce –…

5 Steps to Increase OTT Advertising Revenue

Until the late 90s, cable television was every American family’s obsession. Network television simply lacked the programs they wanted to see. You could only see good shows on pay television networks like HBO, MTV, Nickelodeon, and ESPN. Back then, many home viewers were so unsatisfied. Today, it’s simple to do…
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