Ad Tech Bankruptcies, 2017-2019: WhitePaper

ad tech bankruptciesThe digital media and online advertising ecosystem is in a state of flux. And we know that’s putting it mildly. The spate of ad tech bankruptcies from 2017 to 2019 seemed relentless, as well-established players like Defy Media, Videology, Sizmek, RockYou and IgnitionOne, all succumbed to declaring bankruptcy or same-day shutdowns. What the heck going on? How did it come to this? And what can advertisers and publishers alike do to survive in this meaner and leaner era of digital clicks, ad auctions, and ad dollars?

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How to make sense of ad tech bankruptcies

This whitepaper seeks to address these issues, by looking both to the recent past and to the near future. An overview of the evolution of the industry will provide necessary context. More recent landscape will then be discussed, including some of the biggest collapses in the industry in the last few years. The principal causes for the collapses of these prominent players in the industry should provide insight into the underlying reasons for the current state of upheaval. The analysis will include how everyone seems to be struggling in the digital media space, whether on the SSP or DSP side of ad exchanges.

This will bring the discussion up to the present and immediate future, which will include how the market is evolving due to emerging technology and changes in how ad revenue is being generated. However, although the current ecosystem may seem unpredictable and even unnerving, there is room for hope.

A Brave New Ad World

There is certainly more transformation and further growth in the form of consolidation and innovation, which is already well in motion. The emphasis will certainly be on ‘leaner,’ but not to the detriment of content or quality. Inside you will find tips on the best mitigation measures that players should consider taking, not only to survive but to thrive in this ecosystem. And to avoid future ad tech bankruptcies from impairing your business operations. One means of mitigation will be to better hedge the unpredictability not getting paid because a demand partner goes out of business.

In this brave new world of digital media and online advertising, every cent will count more than ever and what you can do to mitigate against unknown risks. We hope you find this whitepaper useful.

FREE DOWNLOAD: A Brave New Ad World, the Whitepaper on the State of Digital Media & Advertising in 2020 & Beyond

Enjoy and Good Luck!