OAREX Rated Excellent by TrustPilot (4.3/5 stars)

This week the OAREX Trustpilot rating jumped from 4.2 to 4.3 out of 5 stars, officially giving us the rating of Excellent. This has been a long and hard fought battle to provide an amazing service, in a fast and efficient way. But what led to this?

Excellent Customer Service

When I first started OAREX, I was fortunate enough to raise seed money from Dan Gilbert’s business accelerator in 2014. As a portfolio company, we were able to spend a full day with Dan, to learn the values of Quicken Loans that we can instill in our own businesses. As he stood there on stage I’ll never forget when he said “mortgages are like corn,” meaning they’re pretty much the same wherever you go. But the thing that set Quicken Loans apart was their customer service. Money is homogenous, and at the end of the day customers just need the funds for their business, regardless where it comes from. So we’ve always strived for excellent customer service.

Money is homogeneous. It’s how you treat your customers is what counts.

Technology to Move Faster

Not only is customer service enough, in my opinion. Clients need money and they need it yesterday. So it’s important that we move fast. Very little of our tech is consumer interfacing; most of it has been developed to allow our ops team to move at breakneck speed. We truly believe that in the money business, customer service and speed are what will set us apart, and it’s something we eat, sleep and breathe at OAREX.

Our sense of urgency is the ante to play.

OAREX TrustPilot Summary

Don’t take it from me. See for yourself…

oarex trustpilot

We are client focused, day in and day out.

oarex reviews from customers

It’s how you treat your customers that matters.

oarex trustpilot review

We’d like to think so, too 😉

oarex trustpilot review

A way better growth option than VCs, banks or credit cards.

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Johnny on the spot with cash. Capital-on-Demand.

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