OAREX’s Advanced Weekly Payments: How It Works

The most important factor to success for a publisher or app is cash flow. Most have their cash cycle down to a science. The only factor to growth that many of them are missing is readily available capital. With access to capital, they know that for every dollar spent it returns a dollar + a margin (also known as return on ad spend or ROAS). Without access to capital, they know growth will be hindered or delayed. Who has time for that?

So in response to the market place, OAREX now offers up to 90% of ad revenue paid weekly. During a 60 day period (the average wait time to get paid), publishers can invest every $1 one time. However with our weekly payments, they can invest the same dollar 8 times. Naturally this will lead to exponential growth, provided the margins are there.

Here is how it works:

  1. Choose your weekly convention (7 day period), ending any day on Sunday through Thursday.
  2. Receive funds for the prior 7 days, on any business day, direct deposited into your bank account.
  3. Control how much funding you need – just let us know.
  4. After we get paid from the platform, we will deposit the remainder into your bank account, minus our fee.
  5. Our fees average $250 per $10,000 in ad revenue, per month.

Advancing ad revenue and accelerating the receipt of your revenues is almost necessary for a high potential publisher or app. Just imagine reinvesting $8 into your business for every $1 you have.

Oh, and not to mention – no dilution of your equity, no personal guarantees, no brainer.