10 Reasons OAREX Is Better Than VCs, Lenders and Credit Cards

OAREX offers a risk-free way for digital media firms to raise the cash they need. We don’t offer a loan, we don’t take equity, and we don’t require a personal guarantee from you. Instead, you can sell your invoices to us and get up to 90% up front. We then collect from your customer under the normal terms. After we get paid, we release the remaining 10%, minus our fee, 30 days later.

The #1 Reason To Use OAREX

So why should you use OAREX? Well, first is that we take your collection risk. If your customers don’t pay us, that’s a risk we take. Lenders and credit card companies don’t take that risk. If your customers don’t pay, you are liable to make the payment to the lender. That’s not the case with us. If you’re borrowing to finance your cash flow gap, a missed payment can have devastating consequences (think: Defy Media, Sizmek). But that’s not the only reason to use OAREX.

9 More Reasons To Use OAREX

1. Protect against credit blow-ups.

We will only buy invoices that are approved for credit. So by working with us, you will end up only doing business with demand partners who have good credit and payment history.

2. Safer than a credit card.

Not only do we assume non-payment risk, but we do not report missed payments to the credit agencies. Your FICO will remain safe. 

3. We worry about collecting.

Since we take collection risk, we can remove the A/R collections function if you choose. Remember, since we own the invoice, it’s our duty to collect if it’s late.

4. Create payment certainty.

Payments come in late all the time. 63% of payments come in within 5 days of the stated terms, early or late. Lots of payments come in much later than that. This makes managing cash hard. With us, we assume that uncertainty from you. You can get funded the same day or week, with 100% certainty.

5. Smarter than VC money.

When you get cash from investors, you give up profits for life. With OAREX you pay us discount fee, 2-3% off the top of the invoice, way cheaper than a lifetime of profits.

6. More flexible than loans.

OAREX is different from lenders in two main ways. First, we take your collection risk, lenders don’t. Second is that we do not require a complicated “borrowing base” like lenders do. We simply give you up to 90% of the invoice value day 1. This allows us to grow our funding amounts with clients as they scale.

7. Get cash on demand.

We’re flexible in the sense that we do not require you to sell us invoices every week or month. Sell us what you want, when you want. What would last year’s Q4 look like if you had cash on demand?

8. Never miss an opportunity.

Have a hot ad campaign? Crushing it with an install campaign? Need to keep up with demand? Having access to cash on demand will enable you to never miss an opportunity.

9. Excellent customer service.

At the end of the day, cash is cash. What will ultimately separate us is how we treat our clients. In a world where we sell something homogenous, our white glove service along with risk assumption and flexibility is what differentiates us.

Pretty amazing, right?