Q2 Digital Media Payment Study (Free Download)

Today we released our Q2, 2019 Digital Media Payments Report. In the spirit of transparency, we are piggy-backing on the industry wide movement for more disclosure and clarity. As one of the largest digital media creditors in the US, we’ve accumulated a wealth of payment data on over 150+ companies.

Our quarterly payment report details top payment performers; how many days early or late companies pay; whether companies tend to over pay or underpay the stated invoice amount; and how big that variance is.

Here are some of the highlights from our Q2 Payment Study:

June, 2019 was the first time in over 6 months that less than 50% of all payments received were late.
Top Performers: 33Across, AdRizer, Apple, Conversant, Dish Network, Google, MidRoll, Sublime Skinz, Teads and Underdog Media have paid us early 100% of the time.
The number of companies that pay us late 100% of the time increased by 4x.

As always, the data is a mixed bag of good and bad news. Looking to sign-up with a new demand partner? Reference our payment data first. You can download the Q2 report for free here: Digital Media Payments Report.