3 Super Creative TV Ads That Will Leave You Smiling

Although OAREX operates in the programmatic advertising ecosystem, we have a special love for advertising in general. Especially creative TV ads. The creativity and ingenuity that comes from the agencies and marketing teams never cease to amaze us. While there are a ton of creative TV ads in history, these 3 following ads – two which are airing on TV and streaming outlets as we write this post – struck a funny cord with us.


#1. The Samsung Galaxy 8: “Do What You Can’t”


This is definitely one of the best active campaigns on the air right now, and perhaps will go down as one of the greatest of all time. A lonely and adventurous ostrich has strayed away from it’s flock and accidentally plucks its face into a Samsung Galaxy 8 Gear VR head set. For the first time, the ostrich (which as you know ostriches can’t fly) experiences what it’s like to be in the clouds. Having fallen into the grips of VR as many people do, the ostrich attempts to fly but lands flat on its face. Without expression by the other ostriches, you can tell they’re laughing at the lone adventurer. With perfect choreography and cinematography to Eric Clapton’s “Rocket Man” that starts after a few seconds, the ostrich sets out to do what it can’t do: fly. Eventually the ostrich is airborne, nailing the theme of the commercial so eloquently – do what you can’t. Very creative, funny, inspiring and motivating, to say the least. Props to the creative team that put this together.

#2. The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas: “Luv Bug”


This is another commercial currently on the air right now, created by Volkswagen’s in-house creative team. It starts off with a blue car rockin’ back and forth that reminds us of the famous Seinfeld episode. Meanwhile Dino “Dean Martin” Crocetti’s “Birds and the Bees” plays in the background. The implication here is obvious – someone is shaggin’ in the car. Next thing you know, the lovely couple has a newborn baby with them, and they’re trading in their blue “luv Bug” for a bigger Volkswagen model, a red Jetta. Then it cuts to the Jetta, parked in the woods, while an owl uncomfortably watches the car shaking again. M0re shaggin’! Back to the dealership, now with a new baby and a slightly older and bigger first child. The family upgrades to a gray Taureg. Then it cuts to a scene where they’re in a cornfield while cows try to look away at the Taureg rockin’ back in forth. By now we know what happens next. The family is going to outgrow their Taureg and will need to upgrade to the Atlas, the biggest car offered by Volkswagen. This time, it’s an entire family – mom, dad, three kids and a dog. The last scene cuts to the Atlas rocking in the woods, but surprisingly, there’s no shagging. It’s ultimately a funny, PG-rated ending that makes the viewer feel like they have a dirty mind. And leaves them with a smile as potentially one of the best creative TV ads ever.

#3. Florida Orange Juice: “Diner”

This is a classic by the agency BBDO ATL, one of the best of the best of creative TV ads. Originally airing in 2012, this remains a favorite of our CEO. It begins with a man sitting at a breakfast diner booth with all the people he’s going to run into for the day. And it appears he is going to have a very bad day. He asks each one individually what’s “on the agenda for today?”, as he takes his first sip of orange juice. A toll booth lady tells him he won’t have any change to pay the toll, not even under the seat (we all can imagine how bad that can turn out!). Then a co-worker dressed in golf gear says he’s going to call in sick. His “girlfriend” says she’ll call crying that he hasn’t announced their relationship is “FB official” yet, and more. With each negative piece of news, he simply response nonchalantly with something positive i.e. “Excellent”. Then at the end, he just expresses gratitude that despite such a shitty day, he’s thankful he drank his orange juice. The acting is tremendous! And despite this being an entire campaign of ads, none of the others come close to how good this one is. Regardless, job well done by BBDO.